Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PPI Print is Due at 8:30NYT, but it won't Move the Markets

Too many other headlines to deal with today, and the PPI number will be a yawn, at best. We still have many discussing the USAToday article about how 57% of those polled don't see the stimulus working. Plus, the hotbutton issue of healthcare reform and how President O'B plans to remove the Public Option portion of the bill (excuse me, but isn't that the nucleus for healthcare reform?!?) And earnings reports from Target and Home Depot are certain to dominate the attention of investors.

Look for more reports throughout the day, but right now (as of this writing at 6:48am CST), futures are looking up--not to mention the overseas markets rebounded nicely.

More later,

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director
LandColt Trading, Inc.

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