Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can You Say Dow 11,000?!?

Oh yeah, baby, because Goldman just released and came in at $5.25 a share versus--now get this--$4.24 a share. In addition, revenue came in at $12.4 billion versus an analyst estimate of $11.1 billion.

Wow! Nobody does it better!

In addition to Goldman today, we'll be receiving reports from GE and Google. The three G's are going to push the markets even higher--on its way to...dare we say it...Dow 11,000.

Overseas Boxscore:

Kospi: +0.60%

Hang Seng: +0.51%

Nikkei: +2.11%

Straits Times: +0.14%

Shanghai: +0.31%

More later, including the press release about the FOX Business appearance scheduled for tomorrow. Plus, our friends in Baltimore should be posting the past few appearances sometime today. All of the videos will be available on the blog.

Talk to you,

Todd M. Schoenberger
Managing Director
LandColt Trading, LLC

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