Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Post of the Day!

Great day in terms of economic reports. Housing, Sentiment, Income & Spending...even Claims! All helped the markets and send investors going into the big Turkey Day feeling good. Hopefully, tomorrow, we can forget about all this stuff--at least for a day!

For those keeping score, the LandColt O&G Model held its position in ENPIX. Since this is the last post of the day, I won't be able to provide the daily return to you until Friday. Unless, of course, you wish to check it yourself and see how ENPIX traded today. For comparisons sake, the Dow closed up 0.29% and the S&P advanced 0.45% today.

Also, take a look at the following article about today's New Home Sales report written by yours truly and posted by my friends at Taipan Publishing:

News Sales Data Has Home Builders Hopeful

Friday, I will be appearing LIVE on FOX Business--Bulls & Bears. But, from 1:00-2:00, NYT due to the market closing early.

And, for everyone--thanks for being here. With any luck, we should have our website up and running by next week to begin accepting subscriptions for the O&G Model--plus, we're going to have some rather remarkable things to tell you about over the next few weeks. And, we have all of you to thank for helping us get there.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from the LandColt Trading family. May all of you be surrounded by the ones you love and give a thought to those less fortunate.

See you Friday morning!

Talk to you,

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director
LandColt Trading, LLC

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