Friday, November 13, 2009

NAVs are In...

So, for those tracking the LCT oil & gas model, had you followed our input you would have invested in GVPIX yesterday, then sell today and go long into ENPIX. Well, the NAV for GVPIX was just posted and it made 0.79% today, while the Dow made 0.72% and the S&P 500 increased 0.57%.

We receive this question all the time, but everyone wants to know how you can buy and sell a mutual fund in just one day. Well, that's the beauty of the model: You can buy and sell any of the funds from the ProFunds family as often as you like--without penalty. So, had you followed our model, you would've been able to place the trade without a penalty and beat the overall market. Not a bad day.

And, the next question we generally get is where can you purchase these funds. Investors can go directly to, or check out other self-direct places like E*Trade and TDAmeritrade. But, check the print for fees, though.

I'll keep you posted on the action in LCT, but ultimately you will want to receive the info prior to the market close so you can capitalize on it. Hence, the purpose of subscribing.

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