Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phones are Literally Burning up the Lines!

In my previous position before launching LandColt Trading, LLC, I--no joke here--received on average 200 emails a day. Now, I still receive 200 emails a day, but I am also getting about 50 phone calls, as well.

And--I'm not complaining. Actually--I love it!! So, keep calling, emailing, whatever you want. Activity is great!!

Ok--first of all, you have to take a look at the Daily Market Opinion. It was so good, that my friends at Taipan put it on their site and it has been viewed over 600 times. Please take a look and leave a comment. If you wish to get on the distro list for the DMO, simply send an email to and type 'subscribe' in the subject line. It's sent daily to your inbox about 8:00am, EST.

Here's the link to the Taipan site, though. Definitely check it out because it's raising a raucous:

Suze Orman's Financial Advice Is Wrong for Investors

Second, I have been doing interviews all afternoon following the Fed announcement. If you haven't heard, the Fed kept rates unchanged and maintained its stance that it will not be raising rates anytime soon. Jesse Santana, our Director of New Media, has found a couple of quotes so far:

CNBC: Dow Erases Gain in Post-Fed Languor

MarketWatch: U.S. Stocks trim gains in mulling Fed words

As you can see, a lot going on. Also, I'll post the daily Oil & Gas figures once NAVs are published. Most likely, though, we did lose today, but we did keep our position short holding SNPIX. More later on it.

Talk to you,

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director
LandColt Trading, LLC

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