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LandColt Trading, LLC Launches Company Website and Offers New Trading Model to Subscribers

SAN ANTONIO, December 3, 2009LandColt Trading, LLC, a financial institution with a distinct business platform offering trading models via subscription, has launched its Company Website and has begun taking orders for its LandColt Trading Oil & Gas Investment Model. The site address is

LandColt Trading, LLC was founded in the summer of 2009 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The firm also has satellite offices in Los Angeles, California and Baltimore, Maryland, and is currently researching office space in midtown Manhattan.

The LandColt Trading Oil & Gas Model follows a disciplined approach, which can never deviate from the inputs given when providing the daily suggested trade. The Model’s trade is derived from a calculated formula focusing on the trading pattern in the Dow Jones Oil & Gas Index (DJUSEN) and the advance/decline ratio of the S&P 500. Subscriptions for the Model begin at $49.99.

“With 60% of the American public invested in the markets, and most of those individuals using direct online methods for trading, it is imperative that investors obtain legitimate trading suggestions and trusted market commentary more than ever before,” said Managing Director, Todd M. Schoenberger. “We hope subscribers will find value in the LandColt Oil & Gas Model, particularly since we’re moving into the peak volatile trading season for commodities, not to mention an uncertain economic future for the country and the markets.”

The architect of the LandColt Trading Oil & Gas Model is Todd M. Schoenberger, a 16-year veteran in the financial services sector who has had career stops with Merrill Lynch & Co., T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason Wood Walker. Mr. Schoenberger is also a frequent contributor on FOX News and the FOX Business Network, as well as Reuters and CBS MarketWatch. In addition to his corporate duties, he serves as the editor of the LandColt Trading Blog, located at and is a freelance writer for the Taipan Publishing Group.

About LandColt Trading, LLC

LandColt Trading's mission is to proactively and ethically offer trading solutions for a client's "explore" investments with a passion for calculated risk-taking and thorough due diligence.

The firm is committed to providing a best-in-class user experience. In every subscriber relationship, LandColt Trading strives to be a trusted partner. We continue to move where opportunity exists, bringing our clients and partners with us.

LandColt Trading, LLC does not assume custody of assets or execution of trades. Daily trade submissions are distributed daily, no later than 50 minutes prior to the market close, via email. As a reminder, past performance is no indication of future results.

For more information on LandColt Trading, LLC, or to schedule interviews and speaking engagements, please contact Additional information may also be found on the firm’s website at and blog at


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