Friday, September 18, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?!? Markets Are Up and Everyone Says We're Going Higher?!?

Aaaargh!! Head for the hills. Check out this article from

Stock Market Likely to Keep Trending Higher

Wasn't it like, oh I don't know, only three months ago and everyone--and I mean everyone, except for maybe Dennis Kneale and Larry Kudlow--who said the markets were moving too fast and we were so due for a capitulation point. And now?? Oh, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon?!?

Read the quotes from the article--Art Hogan saying it's going higher, unless third quarter earnings are poor. Way to stick your neck out there, Art!!

Everyone is rallying behind the bulls--like something has significantly changed in the past couple of months. Oh, something has changed all right. It's the sound of everyone moving with the crowd--the same BS we fell into back on 2002-2007 when we all ran out and bought homes; the same BS we fell for when the tech (no-profit, no sales force, IPOs) stocks were flying off the shelves. Don't fall for it investors.

If you have been following the LandColt philosophy, you would be sitting pretty right now. But, when you see quotes like from the above column, well, then now is the time to lock it in and call it a day.

What's our philosophy?? If you don't already know, you'll have to check back often to find out. ;)

Have a great weekend!!

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Todd M. Schoenberger
Managing Director
LandColt Trading, Inc.

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