Monday, October 12, 2009

Tough Weekend for the Ravens/Terps

But, the season is still early for the Ravens. Unfortunately, the Terps' season is half-over and the Cavs are heading to College Park for a Homecoming showdown this Saturday. Could be another tough game for Maryland.

Enough of the sports, and I'm not about to get to the weather; so, let's talk overseas markets.

Overseas Boxscore:

Other than North Korea launching two missiles this morning (sure Tehran will be happy to take a break from the attention), markets in Asia were somewhat mixed:

Straits Times: +1.05%

Nikkei: +1.87%

Shanghai: -0.59%

Hang Seng: -0.93%

Kospi: -0.42%

Talk to you,

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director
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